Nana Glen's shot at redemption

NANA Glen is out to reverse the result from last summer's grand final when it meets Sawtell for the first time since the 2016-17 decider.

Sawtell quick Ben Andrews tore through the Nana Glen top order. cricket 25 March 2017 Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park CHDCA grand final
Sawtell quick Ben Andrews tore through the Nana Glen top order in last season's grand final. Brad Greenshields

On that occasion, Nana Glen's much-vaunted batting line-up let the team down when it was all out for 46.

A similar performance is highly unlikely, with many Nana Glen batsmen ready to prove a point that their performance in the big game was an aberration.

This afternoon's matches represent the first chance for batsmen to really dig in as they're the first two-day matches of the season.

Both Dorrigo and Coffs Colts will be looking for their first wins of the season.

While Dorrigo has struggled a little at the start of the season, Colts captain Matt Rose has told his side to be prepared for some hard work.

"I think every team is going to make a lot of runs this year," he said.

"I told the younger guys in our team that they can't expect any easy games. They're going to have to work hard every week."

Sawtell v Nana Glen at Richardson Park
Dorrigo v Coffs Colts at Rowe Oval, Dorrigo