DRUG DEALERS: Here is a list of those caught supplying on Warwick streets.
DRUG DEALERS: Here is a list of those caught supplying on Warwick streets.

NAMED: List of Warwick drug dealers

FROM a ‘friend’ who bought 189g of marijuana for a favour to a ADF legal officer who started using when he was 12, our region has had no shortage of men and women who have been charged with supplying dangerous drugs to people in our community.

Here are some of Warwick’s drug suppliers who have been through court in the past 12 months.

Judge horrified by ‘burden on drug users’ families’

A JUDGE gave Stanthorpe man Matthew Scott Aurisch a strong word of warning after the 19-year-old was caught supplying MDMA pills.

Judge David Reid said he saw first-hand the long-term effects the dangerous drug could have.

“I know personally children, even through marijuana use, who have developed psychotic episodes.

“They become a burden on their families all because of drug use and all because people supply drugs to them.”

Aurisch pleaded guilty and no conviction was recorded.


Man caught with 189g weed doing mates a favour

20-year-old Brock Jules Hamers thought he was doing mates a favour by distributing 189g of marijuana last March.

The supplier pleaded guilty to the drug charges.

The man was let off with a $1200 fine and no conviction was recorded, due to his limited history.


‘Hopeless addict’s’ disregard of the law

AN ICE addict who started using drugs at 15 pleaded guilty to 10 counts of supplying in May last year.

Judge Nathan Jarro said Toby Leith Brown’s actions showed “complete disregard” for the law.

Brown pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months’ jail but was released on parole in June.


Employment the best thing to stop men going to jail

AN ASPIRING naval employee was given a second chance after being caught supplying dangerous drugs

Allan William Ryan-Mason started using marijuana when he was 12, but had since tried to overcame his addiction, finding employment as a legal officer in the Australian Defence Force.

Judge Reid explained why he would not record a conviction against Ryan-Mason, who pleaded guilty to seven counts of supplying dangerous drugs.

“They get self-respect from working, mix with prosocial people and have meaning and purpose in their life,” Judge Reid said.

“If you can join the navy then I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.”

Judge David Reid sentenced Ryan-Mason to 18 months’ probation.


Magistrate ‘p***ed off’ at supplier

A WARWICK magistrate let loose after being fed up with the volume of mature suppliers he was seeing in court.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey told Benjamin Peter Hardwick that it was men like him who were responsible for youth drug use.

“The number of supplier charges coming through this region, Stanthorpe, Goondiwindi, it’s very concerning,” he said.

“You cut off the supply, you cut off the problem.”

The 44-year-old had pleaded guilty to supplying marijuana after raids on his Warwick property.

No conviction was recorded.


Text busts Warwick drug dealer

IT WAS the offer to supply LSD which could have landed this Warwick man in jail.

Police were on Clinton James Ellis’ door almost immediately after he sent out five text messages offering to supply the hallucinogenic drug in February last year.

Pleading guilty, Judge Dennis Lynch gave Ellis 12 months’ probation and recorded a conviction.