The Bruxner Motorway, appears on a Whereis map, bypassing Lismore.
The Bruxner Motorway, appears on a Whereis map, bypassing Lismore. Whereis Maps

Mystery motorway bypasses Lismore altogether

TAKING a casual glance at an online map of Lismore, one might be astonished to find a major motorway, complete with interchanges, bypassing the city on its southern side.

One eagle-eyed reader raised the mystery of the motorway after looking for directions on a Whereis map online.

He was amazed such a construction had not had even so much as a whisper in the media, such is it's enormity.

"It would cost billions of dollars to build," he said.

According to Whereis, the mystery road peels off the Bruxner Highway at the Sneaths Road interchange at Wollongbar.

It cuts its way across farm land and macadamia plantations, snakes its way behind Goonellabah and Lismore, then crosses the Wilsons River on its way about 30km to Clovass in the west.

On the way are monumental interchanges.

Our eagle-eyed reader was somewhat bemused, wondering if the traffic flow on roads such as Lindendale, Alphadale and Rous warranted such extravagance. Though surely it would ease the congestion.

"Who would even want to go that way?" he mused.

And, it seems, the road is a mystery to everyone else bar Whereis.

Our reader said he contacted various people who would be in the know, but he said, they too, seemed mystified.

A spokeswoman for Roads and Maritime Services revealed they had no record of this mysterious motorway.

So how could such a road, or such gigantic proportions, that quite clearly does not exist, come to appear on a website that attracts more than 3 million visits every month?

Well, we're not really sure.

Conjecture by my esteemed colleagues suggests that perhaps it is a copyright thing, designed to foil would be plagiarists.

But honestly, we don't know. We don't know where Whereis is ... we've lodged some questions, and we'll be sure to let you know what they say.

In the meantime, take a look at the 'proposed' Bruxner Motorway and tell us what you think. Would you use it?