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My cringe-worthy and uncomfortable train experience

HAVE you ever experienced something so awkward you just had to share it?

I'm so lucky that I get a 500-word column every week to write about the distasteful experiences I seem to endure more than the average person.

Or perhaps I just complain more.

Either way, whether I'm a serial whinger or not, I think most people would agree with me the experience I am about to share is pretty uncomfortable.

I come from Gladstone. A massive chunk of my life is there so I regularly go and visit to stay in touch with family and friends.

If I'm being honest I'm mostly excited to see my parents' dogs.

But my car is pretty unreliable, and I bought it second-hand so I don't really feel comfortable driving it five hours north, where the roads seem to get worse the further up you get.

So, I take the train. If that isn't uncomfortable enough for you already, it does get worse.

Onto my long list of irrational fears is public transport - you would be shocked to hear that as a journalist I'm not a huge fan of people.

Well I don't mind people, but I don't like them in my personal space and unfortunately it is something you must sacrifice should you chose to take public transport.

Just this weekend gone I took the train to and from Gladstone and it was on the way back to the Coast when the uncomfortable experience occurred.

I can't remember exactly whether the young couple got on at Maryborough or Bundaberg, I was two-and-half hours deep into a Candy Crush winning spree, so my attention was somewhat diverted.

(Also if you play Candy Crush feel free to add me on Facebook so we can send each other game lives).

But I couldn't concentrate on the game. Two seats in front of me and one seat to the left is where the couple sat.

They were loud getting on, making just enough noise for me to pull my eyes away from the screen to look.

I saw they were young, the woman barely in her 20s and the man a few years older.

The train was quiet. It started with soft giggling.

But the soft giggling turned into loud chokes of laughter, gasps for breath and "stop it, we will get in trouble".

At one point a staff member on board the train told the pair to stop and that what they were doing was "inappropriate".

They stopped for five minutes but were back at it again for five minutes.

I couldn't believe how loud they were being doing whatever they were doing.

The train was pretty silent and you could hear this pair above everything. One can only imagine what they were doing. Wouldn't you think after being told to stop, loudly I might add, that your actions were making passengers uncomfortable?

Whatever happened to decency? I am all for public displays of affection, live your best life. But I don't really need to, nor want to know where you are most ticklish, do I?