A reflection of the times, mirrors are totally on-trend this year.
A reflection of the times, mirrors are totally on-trend this year. iStock

Must-have interior trends for 2018

HEADING into winter, here are some of the latest interior trends for 2018. While some looks are a continuation of past ones, other fashionable trends are as fresh as tomorrow.


The marble highlight finishes continue, but not the cheap faux marble. If you're going to embrace the luxury of marble, invest in the real thing. Mirrors are also totally on-trend, especially with bevelled edges to add to the element of luxe.


For 2018 and beyond, it's all about the gorgeous, colourful and deep plushness of Moroccan rugs. Go for a mixture of colours that work for your space - or choose the natural cream with grey/ black patterns of this season's must-have item, a Moroccan rug.


Matte black and slate grey accessories and finishes are totally on trend. The upshot of this style is it is easier to keep it looking clean, plus the darker colours hide a multitude of sins, including rust and other signs of wear and tear.


Depending on lifestyle, climate and status, according to English Elle Décor, it's hello to separate dining rooms, a space where family and friends can gather in a dedicated space, in real time.


The European interior shows all featured lashings of floral prints and lush velvets in contemporary bold colours, as well as pretty pastels.


Again, dark colours are abundant, as well as coloured metallic tiling that can add a hint of glamour. But the biggest change in the bathroom is gorgeous gold tapware and accessories. Silver is totally devoid of glamour compared to the latest gold finishes.


Modern bohemian bedrooms feature layers of ethnic textiles, including velvet (there seems no end to the love of velvet), plus upholstered bedheads and the soft underfoot glamour of a Moroccan rug.