Mum repeatedly lied about son’s death

A MOTHER repeatedly lied to police about her son's death, before telling how she saw her husband punch the boy while saying there was a devil in his stomach, a court has heard.

Esther Adongo Timberlake, 38, a former Kenyan television presenter and lawyer, yesterday pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to the unlawful killing of her son in 2014.

After lying to police for almost a month, Timberlake finally told them her husband, Quincy Timberlake, hit and punched their son Sinclair, before he died from abdominal injuries.

Sinclair's fatal injuries were caused by a severe blunt force, such as punching or stamping, the Supreme Court was told.

Quincy Timberlake and wife Esther Adongo Timberlake, with son, Sinclair. Picture: Supplied
Quincy Timberlake and wife Esther Adongo Timberlake, with son, Sinclair. Picture: Supplied

"He was hitting my son. He was hitting my son on the stomach. I said 'Stop hitting him'," Timberlake finally told police, 26 days after the death, the court heard.

Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle said Timberlake said her husband threw Sinclair against the Kallangur unit's bathroom wall, saying: "There's a devil in his stomach. I have to get it out".

He said Timberlake said her husband took Sinclair from her arms and threw him against the wall and she saw him punch the boy once in the stomach "really hard".

She said her husband then rammed Sinclair against the wall outside the bathroom and he looked unconscious and there was no pulse.

Mr Boyle said Timberlake told police she then saw Quincy pressing Sinclair's stomach three times, with force, saying there were "demons in his stomach''.

Timberlake's defence counsel, Katarina Pskalo, said her guilty plea was on the basis that she believed her husband was mentally impaired at the time.

But Mr Boyle said the Crown did not accept that and said Quincy Timberlake, a former Kenyan presidential candidate, would soon be indicted to stand trial for murder.

Esther Timberlake at first told police, a triple-0 operator and others that Sinclair fell down stairs on the night he died.

She also claimed Sinclair had become unwell after a botched flu injection and blamed some injuries on her parents beating and trying to kill him in Kenya, before he came to Australia.

She later said her husband had used traditional African medicine, cupping and coining, to rid him of evil spirits that caused their son nightmares.

In the first formal interview with police, Timberlake said she and her husband had been in a bedroom, reading the Bible, when she heard a "tumble, tumble and a thud".

She told police neither she nor Quincy, "a loving father'', caused their son's injuries.

The court heard Timberlake later told police her husband had been psychotic.

Ms Pskalo said Timberlake's delay in telling the truth was partly caused by her post traumatic stress and depression at the time and not wanting her husband to get into trouble.

The sentence has been adjourned until Thursday.