Rose Byrne, left, Simon Baker in a scene from the movie I Give It A Year.
Rose Byrne, left, Simon Baker in a scene from the movie I Give It A Year. Contributed -

Movie review: I Give It A Year

BE warned this is not your typical rom-com. Sure there is romance, gags galore but don't expect any chick flick clichés to shape this film.

Less about romance and fulfillment, more about survival, I Give It A Year centres on newlyweds Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) who swept up in a whirlwind romance failed to realize their clashing incompatibility and just how ill-suited they are together.

Fast-forward a few months and the pair are struggling to survive the disapproval of family, doubts of friends and each other's annoying habits that without the glow of new love are now as impossible to ignore as a neon road sign and as annoying as a constant buzzing mosquito.

Before the year is out they are in couples therapy and trying to resist the allure of two respective partners, a suave Simon Baker and a slightly dowdy Anna Faris, who it is glaring obvious are a far better fit for the pair.

With a fantastic support cast the results are hilarious, cringe worthy and horrifying all at once.

Minnie Driver as Nat's older sister crackles with acidic wit and Stephen Merhcant as the awkward and inappropriate best friend fires off ill-judged crass comments with machine gun efficiency.

It is a very funny film but under the helm of director Dan Mazer whose former writing credits boasts, Borat and Bruno, at times the tone is off and all over the place.

It ricochets between crassness and sentimentality but like a nervous teen never seems quite sure of itself.

The laughs are there aplenty but the characters are a little thin on the development leaving the heart out of this rom-com.


I Give It A Year

  • Stars: Rose Byrne, Anna Faris, Simon Baker, Rafe Spall, Minnie Driver, Stephen Merchant, Jason Flemyng
  • Director: Dan Mazer
  • Rated: MA15+
  • Verdict: Three stars