PHOTO: CRASH MUM: Ashleigh Nagas-Newby fled the scene of a car crash when she panicked.
PHOTO: CRASH MUM: Ashleigh Nagas-Newby fled the scene of a car crash when she panicked. Ross Irby

Mother and learner driver legs it after car smash

LEARNER driver Ashleigh Jade Nagas-Newby panicked after crashing her car and simply drove off, a court heard this week.

Police tracked the young mum's damaged Mazda 6 sedan back to her Goodna home a short time later.

The court heard Nagas-Newby had been out shopping for nappies when the accident happened.

Nagas-Newby, 21, from Walkervale in Bundaberg, pleaded guilty to failing to give way on May 30 on Smiths Rd at Goodna; driving unlicensed when SPER suspended; and failing to provide details at the scene of a crash.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said the accident happened at 4.40pm at the roundabout on Queen St and Smiths Road.

Nagas-Newby, a learner driver who was unaccompanied, failed to stop afterwards. The court was told her licence had been suspended on February 1 because of unpaid fines.

Sgt Caldwell said the defendant told police she was aware she had not been making payments toward her unpaid fines.

Her car was found with extensive front panel damage.

The other driver reported a hit and run accident to police, telling officers he stopped then entered the roundabout behind a bus.

He said a Mazda 6 pulled out in front and his vehicle and the Mazda collided.

He pulled over to exchange details but she drove away.

Sgt Caldwell said Nagas-Newby told police she failed to see the other car.

"I just freaked out. I know I did the wrong thing," Nagas-Newby told the court.

"I won't drive again without someone in the car with me."

Nagas-Newby said there was no insurance cover on the damaged Mazda.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess noted that she had been convicted for unlicensed driving in 2015.

She fined her $800 and disqualified her from holding or obtaining a licence for one month.