Matthew Deans

Morrison fake and fiction

Letters to the Editor

WHAT the bloody hell has happened to our blokey beer-swilling PM has he suddenly become transparent?

The voters are seeing straight through him for the rolled-gold phony that he is.

The level of hyperbolic absurdities hurled at Bill Shorten have suddenly become full-blown psychotic episodes.

The entire demented government has abandoned all serious policies and is instead retreating to the politics of fear by once again dog-whistling on asylum-seeker policy by stupidly reopening Christmas Island and fog-horning it to the people smugglers.

If that wasn't bad enough their now trying to frighten us about, of all things, electric cars. Are they serious?

The last blokey PM we had was Bob Hawke who became famous for downing a schooner (or two), but Bob was the real deal, what you saw is what you got.

Morrison and his condescending attempt at impersonating a "typical Aussie bloke" just doesn't wash, he even looks like a dodgy salesman.

As this appalling government lurchers toward total annihilation Morrison will be best remembered for getting sacked after his disastrous "where the bloody hell are you" campaign for Aussie tourism and shortly becoming the eighth previous, still living PM.

This government is leagues out of its depth, completely out of touch, hopelessly out of control, out of policies, out of time and very soon, out of here.

Keith Duncan


Our short-sighted sell-off of resources

SO HOW good a financial manager is the Coalition Government?

If we take away the yearly $178 billion we sell overseas in minerals from the equation we discover that every year the Coalition has been in government we have had a massive deficit.

The minerals we export are like selling the assets of future generations and once the minerals are depleted Australia has nothing to fall back on.

Let us compare Australia with a small country such as Norway, a country with a quarter of Australia's population.

When Norway discovered oil in the North Sea the people of Norway set up a future fund to secure a fair distribution of the profit from the oil for a least the next 10 generations.

Further to that the oil was recovered by a Norwegian Government company so that all the profit stayed in Norway.

This future fund is now worth more than $US1,300 billion, the largest fund in the world investing only in ethical projects.

What did the Australian Government do when the minerals were discovered?

We invited some multinational companies to extract it and spent the small profit it returned on something as useless as military aircraft from the USA and u-boats from France.

When will we ever learn?

Leif Nielsen Lemke


Mum sets a great example for her kids

I CANNOT see how anyone could not be moved by this example of kindness, thoughtfulness and caring towards complete strangers.

My husband and I, aged 77 and 78, had just come out of Woolworths in Park Ave with a trolley full of groceries and had walked to the taxi stand.

We looked at the seat, which was all wet from the shower of rain we'd just had, so we decided to stand.

Just as we'd rung for our taxi, a young woman, probably in her early 30s and with two young children pulled up next to the rank. I didn't take too much notice of them as they got out of their car but the woman noticed us, and came straight towards us, very concerned that the seat was all wet.

She immediately went back to her car with the girls and looked for a towel to wipe the seat.

We didn't want her getting her towel wet but that didn't trouble her at all.

So with her beautiful navy or black and white striped towel, she wiped it down for us.

We went to sit down, but then she realised that the seat would be a bit damp from the rain and she didn't want us getting our clothes damp, so back to the car she went and found a large orange plastic bag for us to sit on.

She said she didn't want it back at all. I think she said she had another one anyway.

We were completely taken aback by this wonderful gesture.

Her daughters looked on quietly after helping their mum get the towel and plastic bag and just as they were going, the little one came and gave both my husband and I a lovely big hug.

That was the third and indeed most precious gift from this remarkable young family and then they were gone.

It was only a moment in time but it was a moment that left us deeply touched and will stay with us forever.

Robyn McLennan


An atmosphere that's under pressure

IN REPLY to Bruce Nicholson's letter (April 20).

If I want to know anything about science and global warming, I go to the internet sites of the experts such as the United Nations World Meteorological Organization.

So, after some research this is my laywoman's response.

You are right Mr Nicholson, CO2 and other greenhouse gasses make-up a very small percentage of our atmosphere, but they are important because without them, earth would be a frozen wasteland like the planet Mars.

This is because these greenhouse gases, especially CO2 have the unique ability to trap heat and make this planet habitable or not and this depends upon their quantity in our atmosphere.

At present, this quantity, however small, is rising and increasing our planet's average temperature, hence global warming and the need to cut emissions especially from the burning of fossil fuels which are compacted CO2.

Unfortunately, if we cannot control greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2, there will come a time, in the not too distant future, when earth will be too hot for humanity's survival.

Lynette F. Hyde