THERE will be more rain over the next few days but nothing like the heavy downpour we experienced last week, according to meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology, Julie Evans.

Ms Evans said the east coast low which dropped as much as 300mm of rain on some parts of Northern NSW had moved inland and was tracking south west.

She said the weather on the North Coast would mostly be influenced by a large high pressure system sitting between Australia and New Zealand.

"When you have a big high pressure system sitting there the winds blow moist air off the ocean and onto the coast," Ms Evans said.

She said this would lead to some follow-up rain but predicted falls would not exceed 60-70mm.

She said today would produce the most intense weather with possible storms and up to 50mm of rain.

"We would expect that to ease though throughout the week," Ms Evans said.

At this point rain is forecast for today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon, with temperatures between the mid and high 20s.

Tomorrow it is expected to be cloudy with light showers and temperatures between the mid and high 20s.

Wednesday will more than likely be cloudy with isolated showers and maximum temperature in the region of 25 degrees.

Along the coast the swell is expected to pick up again later in the week after dropping over the next few days.

Winds are predicted to ease and stay below 15 knots throughout the week.