Meet your new Coffs Harbour City councillors

A MIX of familiar and new faces make up the new Coffs Harbour City Council.

At 10am yesterday morning, the local election tally room at Norm Jordan Pavilion confirmed the full compliment of Coffs Harbour City Council's new councillors.

Mayor Denise Knight is at the helm of the new council with two of her campaign team mates, solicitor Michael Adendorff and Northern Beaches personality Tegan Swan, securing a seat at the table.

Councillor ballot preference votes for Group F* enabled Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce president, George Cecato to acquire the votes needed to be elected councillor along with his running mate Keith Rhoades.

Cr Rhoades said he is pleased to have two of his group elected on council, foreseeing a bright future for the next four years.

"I look forward to working with not only George but all of the councillors over the next four years as we drive this city even further forward," Mr Rhoades said.

Newly elected councillors Sally Townley and John Arkan have retained their position on council.

Sally Townley met with the majority of her new team yesterday at the council chambers and at the counting office,

"I think it is going to be a really great team, it's a really diverse mix of people and I think there was a wide field of candidates,"

"I think the fact that so many people voted below the line shows that there was a lot of engagement and conscious choosing of this team of nine people."

Completing the councillor outfit is newcomer and Bailey Centre proprietor, Paul Amos and Jan Strom.

Cr Strom has successfully thrown her hat back into the ring of local politics after previously serving between 1999-2004.



*The print edition of this story (17/09/2016) and the earlier online version stated: 'Cr Knight's preference votes were absorbed by Group F'. This is incorrect. Councillor ballot preference votes for Group F enabled Cr Cecato to acquire the votes needed to secure a seat on council not Cr Knight's mayoral preference votes. The Advocate regrets any confusion this may have caused.