NCMC in Casino.
NCMC in Casino.

Meatworks employees have their temperature tested every day

EVERY day, the meatworks employees has their temperature taken before they start work.

The Northern Cooperative Meat Company in Casino is taking no chances.

NCMC chief executive Simon Stahl said they are prepared for if, and when, there is a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test.

"Our position is if someone tests positive, we'll help them access government benefits," Mr Stahl said.

"We'll help casual workers with food and rent if they have to isolate for 14 days."

Due to some workers being backpackers who have returned home, NCMC was hiring more residents, Mr Stahl said.

The site surfaces are cleaned several times a day, there are hand sanitisers outside the buildings as well as the usual ones inside the factory.

The biggest change is the lunch room.

"It used to be such a vibrant place," Mr Stahl said.

Now with staggered breaks for employees and social distancing in the lunch room, the atmosphere isn't quite the same.

The export market to China has improved because China is improving, Mr Stahl said.

"It's more difficult in the EU, Middle East and the United States," he said.

"I've talked to everyone in the plant. They want to protect their families and keep producing meat for Australia."

Personally, Mr Stahl said this time of isolation was a time to reflect.

"This too shall pass and I think we will be a better society at the end."

NCMC is ready for the six months ahead, he said.

"It won't knock my enthusiasm."


NCMC's Simon Stahl.
NCMC's Simon Stahl.