Brendan Margieson in the surf.
Brendan Margieson in the surf.

Margo’s surf skills impressed peers

Meet Brendan Margieson, aka Margo!

Many of us remember his parents Rod and Gail Margieson and sister Renee when they lived at Burns St and Brendan recalls it was a great place to live as he used to surf the Wreck all the time.

From there they moved around to Pacific Vista, where his favourite surf spot became Dolphins and his surfing became legendary among the locals.

Brendan Margieson and his son Micah.
Brendan Margieson and his son Micah.

Margo attended Byron High when it first opened and, after finishing there, started work at Kakadu Cafe which was one of only a couple around town along with Suppertime Blues.

It was unlike today, with the numerous coffee shops around town. From there, he began work with Ben King Bricklaying, aka BK, which he soon worked out was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Margo tried a few contests, winning the Nias Pro in solid 8 - 10 foot surf, but he never really enjoyed the pressure of competition.

It was then Margo became one of the pioneers of being a fully-paid freesurfer, that is, getting paid to surf and travel around Australia and the world. Some of the heaviest waves he surfed were Shipsterns in Tassie and The Box in WA.

No tow-ins then either.


Brendan Margieson at the Nias Pro. Photo: Jason Childs
Brendan Margieson at the Nias Pro. Photo: Jason Childs

Margo featured in a couple of Jack McCoy movies including the classic Green Iguana, Sons of Fun, and biography The Margo Project, Wander Jahr.

Most of us locals still regard Margo as a Byron boy.

My memories of him were this gangly kid who kept growing, he was lanky, and almost goofy.

On land Margo was polite, respectful, and a country boy.

In the ocean, Margo was a different animal, consistently destroying waves and blowing everyone away with his signature power accompanied with his unexpected manoeuvres.

These days Margo enjoys surfing with his son Micah.

As a human, Margo rates 10 out of 10, and I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that!

Margo, thank you for just being you!

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