FOREIGN OBJECT: One of the scones the man found pieces of metal in.
FOREIGN OBJECT: One of the scones the man found pieces of metal in. Contributed

Man's shock find in Woolworths scone

A BUNDABERG man is calling on the community to be aware after finding metal shards in scones he bought from Woolworths.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told the NewsMail that the discovery came as a shock.

"My colleague brought in some scones (I opened the pack), I ate one and felt something crunch; wasn't normal ... then I looked over the next one and found that a metal wire was baked into the scone," he said.

"Maybe a bit of steel wool?

"I took a photo and sent it to Woolies on Facebook messenger.

"They called me about it and asked a few questions.

"Having so many people suggest I 'take it further', I was reluctant to give them the metal piece when they asked me to send it in.

"They didn't sound too concerned about it, and that did surprise me.

"But they apologised and said that it appeared to be an isolated incident ... I wasn't so confident in that assumption so I clearly stated that it was on them to action it how they'd like; and promptly shared my experience on Facebook."

The man said he hoped people would come forward if they had had similar experiences.

A Woolworths spokeswoman said the supermarket took food safety and quality "very seriously".

"We've seen the customer's report and we're looking into the matter in line with established procedures," she said.

"We're unaware of any other customer reports of a similar nature at this time."