A man has been sentenced after he swore at an undercover police officer's son.
A man has been sentenced after he swore at an undercover police officer's son. Alistair Brightman

Man's 'really disgusting' outburst at police officer's son

A LISMORE Heights man who went on a random tirade against a police officer's young son has been sentenced.

Glen Thompson, 52, was already on a section 9 bond when he confronted a four-year-old boy at a local eatery last year.

Thompson was sentenced for using offensive language in a public place, behaving in an offensive manner and stalking or intimidation before Lismore Local Court on Monday.

He was also re-sentenced for the offences for which he was placed on the bond: having custody of a knife in a public place and having custody of an offensive implement in a public place.

The court heard the boy was dining with his father - an off-duty police officer - when Thompson confronted him aggressively.

This included swearing at the boy repeatedly, the court heard.

Magistrate David Heilpern said the police officer acted with "ultimate restraint" in response to what was a "really disgusting episode of behaviour".

"You carry on even after they leave," Mr Heilpern said.

"This is more than being a nuisance, this is being a menace."

The court heard the officer issued Thompson with a court attendance notice later on.

Thompson's solicitor Kim Ivosevac told the court substance use played a role in her client's offending behaviour.

She said he had been engaged with Mission Australia since the incident.

Mr Heilpern said Thompson's engagement with the Extra Offender Management Service had saved him from being behind bars.

"But for your involvement with EOMS, this would have been jail," Mr Heilpern said.

"But you have participated well in the program, you've taken steps to minimise the likelihood of this happening again."

For the stalking or intimidation charge, Thompson received a 12 month community corrections order.

For the other charges, he was convicted but received no further penalty.

Mr Heilpern took no action on the breach of his good behaviour bond, which had expired since the incident.