Man to police: ‘Don’t start with me, c---sucker’

A man who called police “c---suckers” ripped his arm out of their grasp in an early morning incident.

Michael David Priestly, 28, pleaded guilty on November 16 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of obstruct police.

Police prosecutor Jess King said police were called to an Eldon St, Berserker, residence at 5am on November 1 for a disturbance.

She said the information that they had received was that a male was inside damaging property.

Ms King said when they arrived, they heard a male inside the residence yelling “c---sucker”.

She said Priestly exited the house and police attempted to have a conversation with him.

Ms King said the defendant walked towards the front gate of the property and said “don’t start with me, c---sucker” in the direction of police.

She said police approached from behind, advised Priestly not to move and that he was being detained.

Ms King said the police officer grabbed Priestly and he ripped his arm away from police.

She said Priestly turned around and said “get your f---ing hands off me, c---sucker” three times in the face of the police officer.

After a struggle, police restrained Priestly. However, he continued to refuse to comply with police direction.

Defence lawyer Brendan Gimbert said his client had been staying with a friend who came home in the early hours of the morning, woke him up and accused him of purposely breaking a mirror.

He said Priestly instructed he had broken it accidentally as it was on the back of a door, and as it closed, it slipped and fell.

Mr Gimbert said an argument started and as he was leaving the address to get away from the situation, he came face-to-face with police and acted poorly.

Priestly was fined $900 and a conviction was recorded.