BEHIND BARS: Kim Charles Junior Harrip pleaded guilty to a range of charges.
BEHIND BARS: Kim Charles Junior Harrip pleaded guilty to a range of charges. Facebook

Man threatens to rape police officer in back of ambulance

A MAN says he was far too drunk to remember threatening to rape a Bundaberg police officer and rub his blood all over them.

Kim Charles Junior Harrip pleaded guilty to one count of serious assault, obstruct and/or resist a police officer and one wilful damage charge in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday morning.

The court heard Harrip had been drinking heavily for most of the day on Monday when he went on a violent rampage at a Childers home.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Grant Klaassen said the father was yelling and swearing in the kitchen when he punched some windows, injuring his hand in the process.

"He was bleeding everywhere," he said.

About 8.10pm, Harrip was being detained by police, who then escorted him in an ambulance to Bundaberg Hospital.

The court heard the man had gashes on his forearms, which Sen-Const Klaassen said were "bleeding profusely".

On the way to the hospital, Harrip threatened to rape Constable Clay Baker.

He then tore the bandages off his arms and tried to wipe the blood from his bleeding forearms onto the officer.

The court heard Const Baker pushed Harrip away, but not before blood splattered him.

Harrip then threatened to urinate in the ambulance and tried to exit the vehicle.

Once both Const Baker and Harrip stepped outside, the man broke free from the officer's hold, who had to dive to secure him on the ground.

They stayed in that position until backup arrived and Harrip was sedated.

After the incident, Const Baker noticed he had a small scratch on his arm and could taste blood in his mouth.

Defence lawyer Matt Maloy said Harrip could only remember bits and pieces of the night and was shocked when he saw photos of his "blood everywhere" in the house.

"He has next to no recollection. He's very ashamed of the behaviour," Mr Maloy said.

Harrip, who's probation ended the day of the offending, admitted the extreme amount he'd had to drink that day was no excuse for what occurred.

Acting Bundaberg Magistrate Neil Lavaring ordered a disease test be sought for Const Baker and sentenced Harrip to three months in prison.

"In the circumstance, it could've been a little more ... But I will not be suspending the sentence," he said.

Harrip will be placed on parole for just over two months after serving three weeks in prison.