A man has been sentenced for a string of charges, including common assault.
A man has been sentenced for a string of charges, including common assault.

Man sentenced over terrifying Coffs parking lot attack

A VIOLENT attack at a public Coffs Coast parking lot has led to a man’s conviction in court this week.

Jacob Astill appeared before Magistrate Ian Rodgers at Coffs Harbour Local Court, where he was sentenced on a string of charges including drug possession, common assault, stalk/intimidate and drive while unlicensed and while under the influence of alcohol.

The court heard that on March 6, Astill had been drink-driving before he stopped in at a public parking lot.

Astill opened his door and it collided with the front passenger door of the victim.

The magistrate said the victim told Astill “mate, you hit my car”, before Astill stepped forward and grabbed the victim’s arm.

He forced the victim to turn around onto the car and was roughly pushing him along, telling the victim to “go away.”

The victim entered his car and dialled police.

Seeing the victim on his phone, Astill punched the car window a total of five times.

“I’m f**king warning you don’t ring the f**king police,” he yelled.

Astill was subsequently arrested and charged with common assault and stalk/intimidate.


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Over a month later, on April 25, Astill was found in possession of 1.37g of cannabis, as well as a knife which was described by police as a rope wrapped around a machete.

Then, on May 14, Astill was searched by police and found with 3.7g of cannabis and 0.5g of MDMA.

Astill appeared in court this week for sentencing on all matters.

The defence argued that while the offending was “unpleasant” for the assault victim, it was on the lower end of seriousness.

The defence also said that Astill had acknowledged he had drug and alcohol problems, and for the first time he had been taking steps to address his issues.

In handing down his sentence, the magistrate acknowledged that Astill had a criminal history but took into account his self-improvement efforts.

For the two offences of possessing cannabis, he was fined $110 each, and for the possession of MDMA he was fined $180.

For possessing the machete, he was fined $330.

He received a $330 fine for driving while unlicensed, and $770 for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

For the common assault and stalk/intimidate charges he was convicted and given an 18 month Community Corrections order, including 150 hours of community service.