Man jailed for raping his nine-year-old stepdaughter

A HERVEY Bay man who admitted to raping his stepdaughter while on an overnight trip to Mt Tamborine has been sentenced to four months behind bars.

The man, 35, who cannot be identified in order to protect the child's identity, pleaded guilty on Tuesday in the Brisbane District Court to two counts of indecent treatment of a child under 12.

Crown prosecutor Julie Aylward told the court the man had separated from the girl's mother in 2010 and had been granted visitation rights to the stepdaughter and to his two biological children.

She said he organised to take the children for an overnight trip to Mt Tamborine in July, 2011 where the offences took place.

"At some stage during the evening the then nine-year-old girl said she was cold and jumped into bed with the man who she considered to be her father," she said.

"He told her she had a sexy bum, squeezed her buttocks and then started kissing her on the lips.

"Following that he digitally raped her.

"The man told the girl during the drive back to Hervey Bay the following day not to tell her mother what happened otherwise he would go to jail."

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Ms Aylward said the man's offending was discovered after the girl asked her mother an innocent question two years later while watching television.

"While watching television she asked her mother what rape was," she said.

"Her mother explained it to her and the girl said that is what her dad did to her while they were away at Mt Tamborine."

Defence barrister Lars Falcongreen said the man had to live with the shame and disgust on a daily basis over what he did to his stepdaughter.

He said at the time he had been abusing prescription medication and was severely depressed.

"He was so revolted at his actions he vomited next day after he realised what he had done," he said.

"He is genuinely remorseful for his actions and realises he has potentially ruined his stepdaughter's life.

"He has written a letter of apology to the girl, but it is up to her whether she wants to read it or not."

Judge Michael Shanahan sentenced the man to four months behind bars and ordered he submit to a two-year probation order upon his release.

The man's mother supported him in court.