Serial rapist guilty of violent, road side rape

SERIAL rapist Martin Karl Gould will have more years added to his time in prison when he is sentenced tomorrow after being convicted of rape for the third time.

Gould, 39, sat shaking his head with arms folded as a Toowoomba District Court jury found him guilty of raping a 49-year-old woman at the side of the road near Vale View.

The court heard the woman had pulled over after having trouble with her car late on the night of August 7, 2010.

She was checking the car with a torch when Gould pulled up in a van and offered to help.

After she declined his offer, Gould grabbed the woman, shoved her into the back of his van, punched her and held a knife to her face as he raped her.

He had then shoved the woman out of the van and left her at the side of the road as he drove away.

This is bulls**t. Just get me back to the prison. I'm sick of being here


Though she gave a description to police of her attacker, Gould went undetected until he raped, assaulted and tortured another woman in a Toowoomba motel 10 months later.

In March this year, Gould pleaded guilty to charges arising from that, but The Chronicle agreed at the time not to name him so as not to prejudice his trial this week.

The court in March heard Gould had arranged to meet a prostitute at a Toowoomba motel on May 12, 2011, and arrived with a bag of items that were to be the instruments of her torture during a 90-minute ordeal.

Gould held an axe to the 38-year-old woman's face, tied her up with tape and twice injected her with a veterinary drug used for sedating animals.

He then raped her and left, leaving the woman tied up and gagged in the motel room.

Judge Sarah Bradley took into account Gould had spent two years in pre-sentence custody and sentenced him to 10 years jail.

Gould was declared a serious violent offender, meaning he has to serve 80% of that sentence.

However, he had since been found guilty by an Ipswich District Court jury of the rape of 24-year-old woman in her Gatton home in 2007.

Gould and the woman were known to each other and she had only come forward to police after reports of the other two rapes became public.

For that rape, he was sentenced to another five years jail, pushing his total prison time out to 17 years.

Upon hearing yesterday's verdict, Gould burst into a tirade of expletives.

"I hope you're never accused of something you never done," he yelled across the room to jury members.

Judge Deborah Richards adjourned his sentence until this morning at 9.15.

Holding out his hands to be handcuffed before being led from the court, an agitated Gould complained: "This is bulls**t. Just get me back to the prison. I'm sick of being here."