Man drops GoPro into pit of rattlesnakes

Man drops GoPro into writhing pit of deadly rattlesnakes

MICHAEL Delaney scored some incredible footage on his GoPro, and all he had to do was drop it into a horrifying pit of venomous rattlesnakes.

The Montana camera owner who lives on a ranch apparently came across the writhing den of death after he "rode his dirt bike into the middle of them before he realised what he was into", according to his dad.

Not content to leave well enough alone, Michael collects his GoPro from the pit.

He wrote on Facebook:

"Just got some great rattlesnake footage, the GoPro was knocked off the stick from a snake striking it and landed in a ball of snakes.

"Fished it out with a hockey stick, just got done cleaning the venom off my GoPro."

GoPro's official account decided to weigh in on the video with, "One bite and you're hissstory! lol #GoPro". Classic.

Watch the full video below and then curl into a ball for a little while to recover.

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