Man charges date for drink
Man charges date for drink

Petty $9 invoice man sent date who rejected him

A MAN has been branded "petty" after charging a date $9 for a drink he bought her when things didn't pan out.

Angela Doyle, from Norwich in the UK, was horrified when the man she'd been for a drink with asked her to transfer £4.95 ($A8.91) for the gin and tonic she'd had on their date.

Angela went on the date earlier this week but later decided she wasn't "feeling it" - which she explained to her date over text message, The Sun reports.

But to her horror, the man she'd been out with asked her to reimburse the money for the gin and tonic he had bought during their meet-up.

Angela's daughter, Sophie, found it hilarious and shared the messages on Twitter, commenting: "Mum went out on a date and wasn't feeling it, the guy fully texted her and asked her to send him £4.95 for her g&t."

Being rejected is expensive, according to the man.
Being rejected is expensive, according to the man.

The screen grab shows the end of Angela's message, which she finished in a friendly and amicable manner, writing: "Take care and it was nice meeting you. X."

But it seems the date did not appreciate the rejection and replied, asking Angela to transfer £4.95 ($A8.91) to pay for her drink.

"Oh dear," he wrote.

"It's expensive being a man being rejected all the time.

"Please be kind enough to put £4.95 in my account to pay for your drink."

And social media was equally stunned, with several Twitter users voicing their opinions online.

One wrote: "This is the kind of guy that adds everything up while dating and expects a refund if and when things end."

While another said: "Think she's had a lucky escape."

"How petty," another said.

Man charges date for her drink after she rejects him via text message
Man charges date for her drink after she rejects him via text message

One even suggested Angela set up a standing order of "1p a month for 495 months".

Some, however, took the opinion the date was "right".

One wrote: "Unpopular opinion: The guy is right. If nothing came out of it, he's entitled to his hard earned money. Would've said the same if the girl paid and asked for it back."

The user quickly changed his opinion, however, after one woman pointed out: "This implies that the drink comes with ulterior motives.

"People are supposed go on dates cos they like the other person, and buy the other person a drink cos it's a nice thing to do. It's not a down payment on a 2nd date or sex or anything that can be refunded."

Others thought the whole thing was hilarious, sharing funny memes in response.

Since sharing the exchange two days ago, the post has received more than 650 comments and been liked 38,000 times.

What are your thoughts on the unusual exchange? Do you think the man had a right to ask for the money back, or is the suggestion outrageous? Tell us what you think below.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission