Jake Scott Ashman, 22, walking into his first appearance at Maryborough Magistrates Court over a charge of murder.
Jake Scott Ashman, 22, walking into his first appearance at Maryborough Magistrates Court over a charge of murder. Annie Perets

Man allegedly went to shops after stabbing man to death

"AH, I UNDERSTAND the charge, yep."

Jake Scott Ashman listened attentively from the dock at Maryborough Magistrates Court as the murder and fraud charges against him were read out for the first time.

The 22-year-old stands accused of stabbing his neighbour Darren Ints to death before attempting to go shopping with the dead man's credit card.

Mr Ints was about a month away from turning 50 when he was found dead by neighbours inside his Cambridge St unit on Sunday.

If convicted of murder, Mr Ashman faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Police allege he stabbed his neighbour numerous times, targeting the chest, after forcing himself into the unit.

A fisherman found the kitchen knife believed to have been used as the murder weapon wrapped in a bag in bushes near the Mary River.

Wide Bay Burnett District Detective Inspector Gary Pettiford told media a separate bag containing bloodied clothes was also located there.

In the hour-and-a-half between Mr Ints' death and the discovery of his body, Mr Ashman allegedly tried to use the deceased man's credit card.

This allegedly occurred after Mr Ashman attempted to dispose of the evidence near the river.

Mr Ashman then returned to his unit about noon which the court heard was located behind the victim's unit.

He was escorted into custody for questioning about 2.30pm on Sunday.

Det Pettiford said statements from witnesses were helping police determine a series of events of what allegedly happened before and after Mr Ints' death.

"Police will allege the (defendant) broke into the victim's unit, ... used a knife to stab the victim multiple times and that after that he stole a credit card from the victim's unit," he said.

"We interviewed several neighbours of the units, one of the residents heard some yelling and a bit of commotion about 10.30am."

Mr Ashman's murder charge will next be mentioned in court on April 29.

He also has outstanding criminal charges, not related to the Sunday incident.

The unit complex at Cambridge St, Granville will remain a crime scene in the coming days, as detectives continue looking for clues.