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Man lured victim to shops 'where girls waited to attack'

AN 18-year-old man "lured" a girl to where girls were waiting to bash her, a court was told.

William Shane Heywood spent at least five hours in police custody while a magistrate decided whether he should be jailed for his involvement in the group beating of a young teen on July 26.

Heywood pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday to assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard Heywood told the victim to meet him at the NightOwl Centre.

Heywood and the victim knew each other - as did the three girls waiting to bash her.

When the victim arrived, she discovered the group was coming to bash her.

She tried to run away but tripped and the girls began to punch, kick and stomp her while she was on the ground.

Heywood did not attack but at one stage grabbed her arm.

The offending was filmed. The court was told there had been ongoing tension.

Heywood was charged because he enabled the assault and was therefore liable.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella described the offending as "sinister" and remanded Heywood in the watch-house while he decided whether he should be jailed.

Defence lawyer Mitchell Stanbrook said Heywood knew jail was a possibility for his offending but asked Mr Kinsella to impose a fine.

He said his client's offending and the consequences had been a "real eye opener".

Mr Stanbrook said Heywood was bullied in school and had been on a "personal journey" since the offending.

He was looking for a job and wanted to travel.

Mr Kinsella said he had come very close to being jailed - if it hadn't been for his age and lack of criminal history.

"Today is your lucky day … you make the decision that you will never do something as stupid as you did," he said.

"If you do not take advantage of this it is on your own head, you deserve everything you get."

Heywood was fined $1500, a conviction was not recorded.