Seth McInnes remains an active four-year-old during his recovery.
Seth McInnes remains an active four-year-old during his recovery. Bev Lacey

Magpie victim spies new hope

PLUCKY four-year-old Seth McInnes may regain some sight in his left eye in the next six months.

Seth was blinded in the eye when an aggressive magpie pecked his pupil while he was riding his bicycle in West Creek Reserve on September 18.

His father Chris McInnes was at first told his son would not see from the eye again, but further consultations have revealed an operation to insert a temporary artificial lens could be possible in the next six months.

"It will take six months for the stitching (on his eyeball) to heal," Mr McInnes said.

"His retina is okay.

"A cataract on his pupil is why he can't see at the moment."

With lens surgery, some sight will return to his eye, but it is expected to be blurry due to scarring.

Mr McInnes said he felt great relief when he found out his son's sight could be helped.

"They will put in a permanent artificial lens when his eye fully matures."

Seth is taken to the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane once a week for progress checks.

"We find out more every time we go down," Mr McInnes said.

His treatment has reduced from having eye drops every two hours to having 10 drops a day. This allows him to have a full night's sleep.

He is not allowed to go to playgroup and must be careful not to disturb his eye until the stitches have healed.

Restrictions aside, Mr McInnes said his son had adapted really well.

"He knows he has a sore eye and he can't see out of it.

"It's not stressing him too much."

Mr McInnes said support from the community had been fantastic since news of the attack broke.

"We have had messages from perfect strangers; people in Western Australia have contacted us to wish him well.

"It was quite surprising the amount of support."

A trust fund has been set up for Seth's recovery.

The details are: Heritage Bank bsb 638-050, account number 12555282, account name R A McInnes T/F Seth McInnes-donation account.

Anyone who wishes to assist should reference the gift as "donation to Seth".