MARINE MAGIC: Are you brave enough to pose with a croc?
MARINE MAGIC: Are you brave enough to pose with a croc?

Magical moments with marine critters

DOLPHIN Marine Magic has got you covered for some magic and fun in the school holidays, with exciting marine experiences for the whole family.

Not only will you have a smooch from a seal and a dolphin every day, you will also see our fun, interactive daily marine discovery presentations, help feed the critters at the solitary reef tank and meet some shy but very cute little blue penguins and feed them a little fish.

For those of you who prefer the look and feeling of a reptile, stick around and see the reptile show from Steve McEwan from Reptile World where you will meet some of the world's most venomous snakes and a salt water crocodile named Little Nipper.

Dolphin Marine Magic.

Reptile World joins DMM throughout the NSW school holidays on selected dates, with two shows a day at 11.15am and 2.15pm for those of you who are super brave you can even have a photo of a snake draped around your neck or a cuddle of a little croc.

Learn more about all the fun you can have at DMM by checking out the website or find them on Facebook.