Lauren Huntriss
Lauren Huntriss

Bride upset at ‘promiscuous’ portrayal

Jilted MAFS star Lauren Huntriss is reportedly upset about her on-screen portrayal amid rumours she is being gagged from speaking out by Channel 9, a friend of the reality TV star has claimed.

Lauren's match with 29-year-old virgin Matthew Bennett came to an abrupt end during Sunday night's commitment ceremony.

Matthew, who had lost his virginity to Lauren during their honeymoon, had complained he was no longer attracted to her and couldn't keep up with her "sexual appetite".

As they had struggled to continue their intimacy, Lauren had asked Matthew how he felt about being more dominant in the bedroom - prompting a shocked reaction from him.

"How would you feel if I was into swinging? Threesomes?" Lauren had asked. "I just want to unleash the beast."


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Lauren's friend has claimed she has been upset over her portrayal
Lauren's friend has claimed she has been upset over her portrayal

During a chat with Jackie Henderson and Kyle Sandilands on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Lauren's friend Josie said the reality star had gone through "a bit of a rough patch" when scenes aired last week of her discussing threesomes and swinging.

"I think she was talking about things generally and she said it was like a really long conversation, maybe even over half an hour, where she was just talking about (that) she wanted him to be more intimate with her," Josie claimed.

"(She) talked about different friends, different experiences, and I think the whole point was (Lauren asking) 'I'm only asking for a little bit of affection from you, how would you feel if I wanted you to do these other things?' It's not the biggest ask. I think she's been portrayed a little bit … "

"What, a little bit promiscuous?" Sandilands interrupted.

"Yeah," Josie replied, adding that Lauren had "never engaged in swinging".

The friend also claimed that Lauren was upset about how their relationship had panned out on TV and in media appearances.

Matthew and Lauren’s romance went south quickly
Matthew and Lauren’s romance went south quickly

"In terms of Matt, it just sounds like the whole thing was about him and I think that hurts her a little bit … not being able to do any media, it's all just been what he has to say about it all so it's a bit crap," Josie said.

"She's definitely not had any media arrangements, he's had a lot."

The friend also claimed that while Matthew and Lauren's wedding had been made to seem like a fairytale, in reality there were already red flags.

"All of the bridesmaids were talking about how he seemed a bit too reserved for her and maybe it wouldn't work … when she was told by him he was a virgin she was already thinking it, it wasn't that big of a shock," Lauren's friend said.

The claims made by Lauren's friend back up since deleted comments the MAFS bride made about the relationship on social media.

Responding to a fan on Facebook, Lauren claimed MAFS had used "great editing" to make her look like a "deadset nympho".


The friend claimed there was already reservations during their wedding. Picture: Nigel Wright.
The friend claimed there was already reservations during their wedding. Picture: Nigel Wright.

"Don't worry about the fact I've been nothing but supportive and patient with Matt for 4 weeks leading up to this conversation where I was clearly joking about the swinging and threesomes," she wrote.

"And for the record I never chose the word 'lesbian'. I initially said 'I used to see women because I hated men when I was 18-20 due to something personal,' but no it wasn't dramatic enough so the producer made me say the word 'lesbian'.

"To clarify I never was a lesbian, I had sexual experiences when I was 18 ffs."

She also wrote to one fan on Instagram that it was "completely unfair" how Matthew had been portrayed a lot more sympathetically.

When another Instagram user accused Matthew of not showing any sensitivity toward Lauren's feelings, she replied: "Unfortunately he's not capable of feelings … Since day one it was all about him. I was nothing but supportive and caring of him. This entire story was (Matthew's) story. I'm sick of the excuses."


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