INSPIRED BY FAITH: Karen Sharp has won an award for a screenplay she wrote based on her life experiences and beliefs.
INSPIRED BY FAITH: Karen Sharp has won an award for a screenplay she wrote based on her life experiences and beliefs. Lucy Martin

Mackay writer sets sights on big screen

WHEN Karen Sharp was 17 she was hitch-hiking her way to Israel following her faith.

That faith has been captured in a book of poetry and now an award-winning screenplay The Trumpet Sounds, which recently won best feature screenplay at Australia Independent Film Festival.

The Mackay writer is setting her sights on having The Trumpet Sounds shown on the big screen.

The screenplay was inspired by Ms Sharp's book of Poetry, Nor by Might Nor by Power but by My Spirit.

Ms Sharp said the poetry and screenplay were about faith, love and a search for justice while also discussing the topic of last days.

She said it was her life experiences and faith which had lead her to compose the poetry and the encouragement of friends to write the screen play with the assistance of Brian Dillon.

As a teenager she had been working on Lindeman Island when she befriended an English girl whose father was a pilot.

That friendship was a catalyst for Ms Sharp's development in her faith.

Because of that friend she went to England, she sat down in Regency Park and read a Christian book her mother sent her, and it was then she found faith.

A few weeks later she was in Israel and stayed overseas for two years and 22 days.

She returned to Mackay and served in St Paul's Uniting Church Mackay as an elder, wedding officer, and presbytery representative, under the Reverend Les Howard.

Her faith and fate have a strong role in Ms Sharp's life.

Adopted from a Rockhampton hospital, Ms Sharp grew up in Mackay and it was only when she was an adult she discovered a childhood friend, Dawn Carroll, was also her biological sister.

They sisters had first met at dance school as children and later Ms Carroll was Ms Sharp's hairdresser.

"People would always get us confused with one another," Ms Sharp said.

Both women knew they had been adopted but did not make the connection about being related until Ms Sharp mentioned her birth mother's surname.

Ms Carroll's and Ms Sharp's mother had two surnames.

After speaking to their adopted mothers a strange feeling the women had was confirmed - they were sisters.

The women researched their biological mother and discovered they were full-blooded siblings and had two other sisters who they have contacted.