The terrifying attack happened when kids were at the house.
The terrifying attack happened when kids were at the house. Marcelo Braga/elbragon MACHETE/f

Machetes used in kidnapping as children terrorised

A CHILD was kidnapped when a woman teamed up with a machete-wielding bandit in a "terrifying" home invasion.

Shannon Ellen Millikin was sentenced on Tuesday for her role in the abduction of a six-year-old girl from a Caboolture home.

Judge Bernard Porter said machetes were used in the incident and it was only through "good luck" more serious charges did not follow the violent ordeal.

The 24-year-old woman was charged with intentionally entering a dwelling using threats or violence.

Crown prosecutor Katrina Overell said Millikin's co-offender had a big hunting knife.

It was "a terrifying ordeal for a young child in that situation," Ms Overell said.

Brisbane District Court heard intruders barged into the Caboolture home in July last year.

Ms Millikin was in a dispute with a person at the home. 

The homeowner told the intruders to "get the f--- out" and produced a machete himself.

"But that only happened because someone came into his house with a machete," Judge Porter said.

At least three other children were at the house, the judge added.

"There is no doubt that the experience would've been terrifying."

The girl was removed from the home and three offenders drove off, the court was told.

Police found one of the alleged co-offenders at Caloundra and then Millikin was arrested.

The 45 days she spent in custody was declared as time served.

The court heard Millikin also entered an early guilty plea and had no relevant previous criminal history.

She was jailed for 20 months but will be released on parole on June 30 this year. -NewsRegional