Capsized boat awaits removal in the marina.
Capsized boat awaits removal in the marina. Rachel Vercoe

Lucky escape for crew of sinking yacht

LOOKING out across the picturesque marina, you might notice something a little bit off.

The crew of a vessel made a lucky escape off the coast of Wooli after noticing one of the pontoons lifting.

"By the time they got down on deck, the crew had just enough time to put their run about in the water before it turned over," Coffs Harbour Water Police Sergeant, Don Stewart said.

Srgt. Stewart said the vessel was on a delivery from the Gold Coast to Lake Macquarie when the incident took place.

The crew went into Wooli and the vessel was later retrieved by a trawler once it drifted off the Coffs Coast.

Attempts to remove the vessel were made at the weekend, but Srgt Stewart said with a risk of the vessel breaking in half the mission was called off.

The capsized vessel is currently being held at the wharf off the Coffs Harbour Fishermans Co-op awaiting removal later this week.