Goodna resident Richard Farmer is not happy the Goodna branch of his bank is closing.
Goodna resident Richard Farmer is not happy the Goodna branch of his bank is closing. Rob Williams

Ipswich bank customers told to go digital or hit the road

GOING online to do your banking is all well and good if you are tech savvy and fond of avoiding cash for your transactions.

For some, nothing beats the feeling of holding onto that folding stuff. The nature of his business means Goodna guitar teacher Richard Farmer still gets paid the old fashioned way.

He has become accustomed to popping into his local ANZ branch on Queen St at least once a week.

Unfortunately for Mr Farmer and other ANZ walk-in customers, the branch has announced it would be closing at the end of the month.

ANZ said the branch would be relocating to Redbank Plaza, a few kilometres away, where a new digital branch would be established.

The Goodna branch will close at 3pm on August 31.

Mr Farmer said the decision was a shame for loyal customers who enjoyed the old-fashioned convenience of the Goodna branch.

"I'd rather they remained open. This branch is really convenient for me and has good parking," Mr Farmer said.

"It means I'll have to go to Springfield which is a bit out of the way I guess, but that's progress.

"In the modern age banks are closing because people do more internet banking, but I have a job where I get paid a lot in cash so I need to be able to go into a bank to make a deposit."

An ANZ spokeswoman said the relocation would hopefully result in improved services for customers in the area, with the Redbank branch to offer a "greater range of services", including roaming tellers and assisted digital banking.

"Our team can also show customers how to use ANZ's range of digital services, such as the Smart ATM and internet banking," she said.

ANZ has invested about $1 million in to the relocation to Redbank.

The new branch will open 9.30am September 5.