Snezana and Sam in a scene from The Bachelor.
Snezana and Sam in a scene from The Bachelor. Photo Contributed

TV Insider: Love blossoms on cue for The Bachelor

THE Bachelor could be on track to another love story.

That's a good thing, not just for Bachie Sam Wood and broadcaster Channel 10.

The reality dating show needs a happy ending to show last year's engagement fiasco between Blake Garvey and Sam Frost was the anomaly, not season one's success story of Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, who are still together two years on.

No one sees the show as a sure-fire way to meet "the one", but last year's spat between Blake and Sam did leave things on a sour note.

Sure it grabbed headlines at the time, but there's trashy TV and then there's train-wreck TV.

Fans need a romance, or two, they can believe in - that's what the show is selling when you look past the catty cocktail parties.

The more believable the romance on The Bachelor, the more likely the show is to grab and keep a loyal viewership from beginning to end.

To that end, the casting of Sam has been a smart one.

The Melbourne fitness company owner appears to be a genuinely nice guy and certainly on the other end of the personality spectrum from "love rat" Blake.

After this week's home visits, where Wood met the families of Heather, Sarah, Lana and Snezana, many viewers were shocked when he didn't give a rose to fan favourite Heather.

Sam will choose his lady love at the end of Thursday's grand final. If I was a betting woman, and with Heather out of the running, I'd be backing "Parmigiana" Snez.

Sam has had to think more seriously about Snez in terms of his future plans because of her daughter.

Intruder Lana is an easy one to rule out because they just haven't known each other long enough, and Sarah just doesn't seem to have the physical chemistry with Sam that Snez does.

Am I right? Only Sam, the winning woman and the show's producers know the answer to that right now.