Jessica Marais and Matthew Le Nevez in a scene from Love Child.
Jessica Marais and Matthew Le Nevez in a scene from Love Child. Channel 9

Is love in the air for Love Child season finale?

ON PAPER, Love Child and Offspring are two different shows.

But they share some similarities, Matthew Le Nevez being one of them.

The Australian heartthrob rose to fame as the beloved Dr Patrick on Ten's quirky romantic drama Offspring.

Just as he brought something new to the acclaimed Offspring cast in the show's second season, he brings an emotional intensity to the second season of Nine's Logie-winning drama Love Child.

Set in 1970 Kings Cross, the series follows the lives of the staff at the hospital and the young women of the nearby home for unwed mothers.

The introduction of Le Nevez's character Jim Marsh has created a love triangle for central character Joan Millar (Jessica Marais).

The pair married to ensure Jim was granted custody of his son but soon started to act like a real couple, much to the frustration of Joan's former flame Dr McNaughton (Jonathan LaPaglia).

"It's a blossoming relationship between Joan and Jim; one that comes out of hardship," Le Nevez tells APN.

"They are both morally trying to do the right thing, but they're clearly quite opposite types of people. I don't think Jim's met anyone like Joan before in his life. He really respects her and they slowly start to develop a friendship which could turn into something more."

Their fledgling relationship is on the rocks, though, after Joan revealed she initially became involved in Jim's family dispute because of her guilt over the death of the baby's mother.

Fans will be watching tonight's season finale to see if they reconcile.

"It's a sticky situation," Le Nevez says.

"I like the sacrifice they make for each other.

"They have to try, in the eyes of the law, to be a bit more stable for young James and that brings a lot of issues with it. He and Greg Matheson (the grandfather) butt heads and it ends up in a pretty climactic way by the end of the season."

Le Nevez and the rest of the cast are already filming the third season of the show in Sydney.

"The cast is strong and the storylines are very bold but they execute them very well," he says.

"I think it's a beautiful show. It's not easy to achieve what they're trying to achieve."

The season finale of Love Child airs tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.