Logie win for ex-journo born and bred in Coffs

From local journo to Logie award winning executive producer  Andrew Farrell had a blast at the awards on the Gold Coast.
From local journo to Logie award winning executive producer Andrew Farrell had a blast at the awards on the Gold Coast.

THE hangover may have worn off but the Logie winning buzz is still very real for Andrew Farrell who was born and bred in Coffs.

He was the executive producer for the series Ron Iddles: The Good Cop which took out the Logie for Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program.

In the six-part series high profile retired detective Ron Iddles retraces some of his most unforgettable cases from 25 years in homicide.

"I thought it was going to be very close. We were up against some really great shows like Employable Me on the ABC and Sam Neil's In the Wake of Captain Cook so it was very exciting to be recognised."

Rubbing shoulders with big names on the red carpet is not all new for Andrew, who took out an Emmy for Go Back to Where You Came From and Logies for Bondi Rescue and Gruen.

"But it's been a couple of years since we've won one."

They're all displayed in the front office of the CJZ production company in Sydney where Andrew is Head of Factual.

He flew up and back the next day to attend the awards on the Gold Coast.

"There were a lot of hungover people on the flight back to Sydney on Monday."

In relation to the Tom Gleeson Gold Logie controversy, where the comedian ran a campaign based on mocking fellow nominees and the awards, he says there were mixed reactions in the crowd.

"He's controversial in the TV industry for his campaign so some people enjoyed it and some thought he had gone too far, but his speech was great and it all made sense. He is a comedian who enjoys being disruptive so he was just doing what he does best.

"He is one of hottest comedic talents in television at the moment- I thought it was great - it's all part of his method."

After leaving Coffs Harbour High School Andrew studied journalism at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst and did work experience at the Coffs Harbour Advocate in the 80s.

He went to work as a television news reporter on Northern Rivers Television, now part of Southern Cross Ten.

In the mid 90s he moved to the big smoke, and behind the camera into an executive producer role, working on Beyond 2000.

He likens the role of executive producer to that of an architect designing a house.

"You decide how it's going to look, how big it will be and how much money you're going to spend then pull it all together with the best team of builders. It's reminiscent of the role of an editor of a magazine or paper in a way."

With the Good Cop series clinching his latest award Andrew admits he has a special interest in crime stories.

"Some of crimes we talk about are still unsolved so telling stories in public can help solve them. People who have been holding on to secrets their whole lives might finally come forward."

He lives in Sydney with his wife and two sons, aged 6 and 8, and often returns to Coffs Harbour to visit his parents Bill and Carmen and younger sister Mardi. His other sister Hady lives in Brisbane.