Christian lobbyist Lyle Shelton says Australians will be making a mistake voting 'yes' during his recent visit to Coffs Harbour.
Christian lobbyist Lyle Shelton says Australians will be making a mistake voting 'yes' during his recent visit to Coffs Harbour. PAUL MILLER

Lobbyist says gay marriage is 'snobbery' during visit

AROUND 60 Coffs Harbour residents attended a talk with Australian Christian Lobby Leader and 'no' vote campaigner Lyle Shelton on Thursday night.

Mr Shelton has been travelling around Australia in a last bid to promote the 'no' vote before the same sex marriage survey deadline on November 7, saying the campaign has swayed "millions” of votes.

Local campaign organisers for the Coalition for Marriage have distributed around 25,000 leaflets on the Coffs Coast.

"The crowd in Coffs Harbour were very energised and enthusiastic. I find that everywhere I go, people are realising that something is going wrong in our nation and that we are on the verge of potentially a major change that is going to have big consequences,” Mr Shelton said.

These consequences, according to Mr Shelton, include "radical” LGBTIQ education for children, the loss of freedom of speech and loss of freedom of religion.

"If you change the definition of marriage, it affects the freedom of millions of Australians. What kids are taught at school becomes very controversial - we just saw last week the Prime Minister of England announcing that they want LGBTIQ sex education in all English schools,” he said.

With current polls showing preference for the 'yes' vote, Mr Shelton said the campaigners will continue persevering until the law is changed back.

"There's no doubt it's a David and Goliath battle. Our side is coming from a long way back, and the other side has a lot of momentum with support from the media and celebrities.

"If it's a 'yes', we will obviously accept the democratic decision of our fellow Australians. But while there is freedom of speech, we'll continue to advocate but it could take years or even decades to turn it back around. Australians will realise soon after that it was a mistake and that the consequences aren't worth it.

"We want to preserve the definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Our gay friends already have equality under the law, there is no discrimination in the Australian law against gay couples. A lot of people don't know that, but in fact in 2009 around 85 laws were changed.”

Mr Shelton claimed countries that have legalised same sex marriage are showing "chronological snobbery”.

"There's only about 20 or so out of 200 that have redefined marriage. It's only a few Western countries that have decided they're better than the millennia of human history and anthropology, so they redefined marriage,” he said.

"I think we're showing a lot of chronological snobbery in a handful of countries in the west.”

The results from the non-binding survey will be announced on November 15.