LNP breaks character, cites ABC to debunk health spend scare

THE Liberal-Nationals are not always at loggerheads with the ABC. Especially when the public broadcaster is on their side.

An upper house Labor motion condemning the NSW Government for apparent cuts to health spending and services was wholeheartedly rejected.

During the debate on the motion, Deputy Government Whip Ben Franklin quoted Opposition Leader Luke Foley's campaign launch speech last year, when he claimed the Baird Government had cut $3 billion from the NSW health budget.

Then Mr Franklin did something out of character for someone on his side of the political fray: he put credence in the ABC's reporting.

"A quick ABC Fact Check revealed that he was using an announcement by Jillian Skinner way back in 2012 that over four years, local health districts would be required to find efficiency savings," he said.

"They forgot to do their homework, those opposite, or were deliberately misleading the people of NSW.

"Not only was this efficiency saving to be retained by the Health Department, but the measure itself was initiated by the former government.

"The government are effectively taking money out of the inefficient back-of-house services and putting it on the front line.

"ABC's Fact Check verdict was this… 'Experts told Fact Check that efficiency savings that are reinvested back in health cannot be regarded as cuts'."

The report went on to say health spending had increased by $3.2 billion since Labor's last budget and $2.3 billion since the measures were announced in 2012. -APN NEWSDESK