Live to learn and learn to live.
Live to learn and learn to live.

Live to learn and learn to live

Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy on life is that one should live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever.

If you live to learn and see yourself as a life-long learner you essentially learn to live. Often there is that moment of epiphany whereby one realises that there are no regrets in life, just opportunities to learn, grow and better yourself.

While life is the ultimate school, seeking out opportunities for further developmental and intellectual growth is essential to better yourself and the world.

Education is the ultimate investment in life.

Sadly, in the western world, it is a privilege afforded to some who simply cannot see its merits and value.

I often wonder whether this is a systemic problem due to a disconnect between the curriculum and what students feel is relevant. Sustaining student engagement and interest is a challenge.

On the other hand, perhaps this more of a cultural problem stemming from parental and peer-group influences and a lack of good role-modelling whereby students are devoid of direction, a focus, and ultimately, a future.

There is also an urgency amongst some students to start earning money, which often hinders good study habits. The instantaneous gratification one has upon receiving a wage leaves many devaluing their education, or walking away from it entirely.

When education is not respected nor valued, we are faced with a future of dystopia where there are atrophic, retrograde flows in the the basic building blocks of communities: health, social welfare, the economy, communication, technology and the environment. One simply cannot evolve.

I find the premise that education is not important as dangerous and deeply concerning.