FLASHBACK: James Welch with his dog Brock.
FLASHBACK: James Welch with his dog Brock. NewsMail

Lightning strikes more than twice in Bundy's history

THERE may have been a few flashes of lightning yesterday, but nothing compared to the havoc caused by the strikes several decades ago.

Fifty years ago was dubbed a deadly year for lightning strikes in the Bundaberg region, when two people died and a third was injured during electrical storms.

In the NewsMail publication Bundaberg and the Four Elements it was reported that Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Gower, 58, of Invicta, was killed instantly by a lightning strike in an open paddock about 90m from her house on November 26.

"The same afternoon, a 15-year-old Ferry Hills girl was struck by lightning while chasing cows in a paddock - she suffered overnight paralysis to one arm and her forehead was scorched, but she recovered," the article read.

"Then, Pine Creek farmer Leonard Roy Christensen, 38, was killed by lightning while milking cows at his dairy on December 19."

In more recent times, the article detailed that in 2005, James Welch's dog Brock, was tied to a stake beneath the house during a thunderstorm when a ground strike must have passed through the stake and his choker chain and out his back.

"The ridgeback-mastiff lived and left both his owner and vet confused by the new giant scar on his back until a friend identified the mark.

"I reckon he will forever wear that scar," Mr Welch said.