Karangi Public School students in their new outdoor kitchen.
Karangi Public School students in their new outdoor kitchen.

Life skills on menu at school

KARANGI Public School celebrated the grand opening of its new outdoor kitchen as part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Guests who attended the launch enjoyed tasting the food that had been grown, harvested and cooked by the school students.

School principal Sharon Rovere said the day was to acknowledge and thank everyone involved in bringing the two-year project to fruition.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the grant from ETC’s Community Support Fund, the many volunteers who gave up their time, Coffs Harbour City Council, the parents and our wonderful teachers,” Ms Rovere said.

“We’re also celebrating children learning new life skills, making connections with the environment, taking that home to their communities and nourishing that into their adult life.”

The school implemented the kitchen garden program into its curriculum two years ago and has now made it a sustainable ongoing project.

Parent and garden specialist Samantha Mihelffy said the benefits of the program and new kitchen were tremendous.

“So many parts of the school curriculum are incorporated into this – science, maths, English,” she said. “The kids have been so enthusiastic and I’ve seen their confidence grow.”