A letter to the editor in response to a recent article on the Coffs Coast Advocate website which highlighted Cr Paul Amos' concerns in relation to a recent update on the project.
A letter to the editor in response to a recent article on the Coffs Coast Advocate website which highlighted Cr Paul Amos' concerns in relation to a recent update on the project. TREVOR VEALE

LETTER:Five storey buildings at Jetty ‘totally unacceptable’

Letter to the editor from Tad and Pam Soroczynski from Sawtell. Tad is strategic planner, and Pam an urban planner.


Five storey buildings the wrong concept for Coffs Harbour

THIS letter presents our comments on the proposed Foreshores Development

as published recently in The Advocate.

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As all the residents of Coffs Harbour know, the Foreshores constitute the most important prime land in Coffs Harbour. As the Foreshores are both socially attractive and unique in the region, this area should be preserved for the benefit of all residents of the region.

The fact that Coffs Harbour residents, as well as tourists, use and value the Foreshores can be seen whenever the area is visited.

To preserve this unique area for the existing and future use and enjoyment of Coffs Harbour residents and tourist, alike, development for this area must include the following objectives:

- Preserve the existing attractiveness of the area for the benefit of residents of the region and also for the benefit of tourists.

- Maintain unobstructed 360 degrees views in all directions as attractive features of the area.

- Provide cultural and artistic facilities which agree with, and enhance, the existing ambience of this unique area.

- Provide recreational facilities which are appropriate to this area.

- Provide extended and appropriate walking and bike tracks which operate harmoniously with other facilities in the area.

- Provide permanent restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as an appropriately sited commercial precinct.

- Provide playground/s for children and exercises facilities for adults

Jetty Foreshore.
Jetty Foreshore.

Provision of all of the above will vastly enhance the amenity of the Foreshores for the use of residents and tourists. Development of high-rise buildings in this area will do the opposite.

High-rise buildings in this area will obstruct views to the South, West and North, and, most significantly, will cast shadows over the entire area during different times of the day. The highly detrimental effect of shadowing on prime beach areas can be observed in Surfers Paradise, and many other areas of the Gold Coast region, on any given day. Coffs Harbour must not allow this detrimental effect to occur in our prime area.

On the basis of the above, it is clear that the development of 5 storey buildings, as is proposed, is totally unacceptable. A maximum of two stories should be enforced to preserve the unique beauty and ambience of the Foreshores for everyone who lives in Coffs Harbour, and everyone who visits here.

A more detailed proposal is urgently required. For example, provision of a green area of, at least, five metres to the east of the railway line is essential for preservation of the existing ambience of the area.

The first stage of the development of the Foreshores is currently working very well. Congratulations to Coffs Harbour City Council!, Please continue with this excellent concept.

As the recent consultant's report for the development of the Foreshores does not recognise the vital local issues discussed above, it should be rejected by all residents of Coffs Harbour.

Further, the proposed construction of five storey buildings in a unique area is not progress. It is the wanton destruction of a beautiful and unique asset which belongs to our city, and to our region.


Tad and Pam Soroczynski