Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, August 13: Terms demeaning

OUR social behaviour is influenced hugely by our genetic makeup. For some people, there may be a greater attraction to others of the same gender and they are labelled as homosexual or lesbian, and this makes them targets of unfair and relentless media attention, especially if they are notable personages.

I am thinking of Ian Thorpe who has proved to be a wonderful swimming star and has gained a great reputation for himself and Australia in recent years, in spite of having to run the gauntlet of media inquisition for years in relation to his companions in his young life, causing undue pressure which has been responsible for his unsettled lifestyle and unhappiness.

There have been the "outings" and the "coming out" expressions in the media, recently. I think these terms are demeaning, apart from being stupid and ridiculous and should be ditched before they become an accepted form of description and discrimination against those who are simply responding to the influence of their natural human genetic legacy.

There is not enough love and consideration in society today, and the media should, instead, be exposing those who do evil, such as pedophiles and gunmen, money launderers, cheating politicians and those who pose a real threat to our security and well-being.

Ernest Newcombe