Letter to the Editor - Saturday, April 23: Coffs’ homeless

ON ANY given night around one in 200 people are homeless - 42% of those who are homeless are under the age of 25.

The Greens pledge to double the funding for homelessness services for the next 10 years.

While the Federal and State government's extra contribution to Coffs Harbour's Warrina Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Services Co-operative is commendable what a shame it appears to be only $169,500 for each of the next two years. (Coffs Coast Advocate - Greater funding for local women and children's refuge).

It may be this funding will allow the employment of another full-time worker over the year.

Unfortunately these services are regularly contracted and this can reduce staff expertise particular to specific facilities.

A new staff member must commence almost from scratch.

This regular round of contracting to competing private services does not allow long-term local planning for homelessness.

Youth services working with young homeless or near homeless people state that the level of funding for youth homelessness is insufficient.

Among other cuts the Abbott/Turnbull-Joyce government has axed the Prime Minister's Council on Homelessness and the National Homelessness Research Strategy.

It is hardly serious about addressing 'homelessness'.

Carol Vernon
Cowper Greens candidate