Letter to the Editor - April 15:Advice on changed speed limit

REGARDING the Letter to the Editor "What a Joke", Wednesday April 8. I couldn't agree more.

I crossed from the new 80khm exit lane on the highway to Split Solitary going to Sapphire.

I missed the new 60khm sign, probably because of the truck I was behind going to Nautilus.

I was booked by a very polite highway patrol officer who said I was doing 79kmh and that the road was clearly signposted as 60kmh.

I had to check; he was right. It does have a nice new 60kmh sign clearly visible (if a truck is not in the way).

Interestingly my Sat Nav was showing 100kmh as this very good new road was previously the old Pacific Hwy.

Also the RMS app a few weeks ago will also tell you it's 100kmh.

It gets better. This same app will say repeatedly as you travel north from Coffs Harbour that the limit is 100kmh.

This includes the section at Korora (80kmh) where the speed camera is located. Does the RMS need money to pay for the new highway?

Ian Dean