Letter to the Editor - April 11: This isn't gone in 60 clicks

IN RESPONSE to Paul Rollo's comments (Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, April 8) objecting to the 60kmh speed limit on the Sapphire Beach section of the Solitary Islands Way.

If you feel the need for speed and want to shave a few seconds off your journey then take the trip 'west of the wall' and leave the Solitary Islands Way to less hurried motorists, cyclists, kids getting off buses and crossing the road etc.

That section of the Solitary Islands Way has provided a much-needed sense of community for the area where people can now travel from one part of Sapphire to another without taking their lives in their hands. That was why it was created.

Maybe you've just been travelling too fast to notice the bike and pedestrian symbols on the side of the road.

Kids on bikes, people walking dogs, people taking a stroll to a neighbour's place, unhurried motorists, have brought a refreshing sense of community to an area that was once dominated by the 'black highway snake'.

Those are the reasons why the speed limit is 60kmh. People still 'push it' and travel at 70kmh.

If you raise the limit to 80kmh people will inevitably use it at 90kmh.

There are plenty of access points to jump onto the highway all along the Solitary Islands Way to give you the opportunity to push the pedal.

The Solitary Islands Way is meant to be a community carriageway.

Phil King