Miramaya BlueVeils long kimono, $580, mira-maya.com
Miramaya BlueVeils long kimono, $580, mira-maya.com

Let your fashion go with the flow in a kimono

Did you know the word "kimono” translates to "thing to wear”? By that logic, invest in one and you'll never have nothing to wear again.

Miramaya marketing director Lori Wright says the traditional Japanese garment has become a staple in many wardrobes for its ability to add luxury to an outfit.

"A kimono is a must and is the most versatile addition to any wardrobe,” Lori says.

"The elegant flow of a kimono will lift even the dullest of attire and will demand attention in any room or at any party.

"To warm you from a light summer's breeze to the cool night air, this fashion piece does the job while covering any body imperfections over a bathing suit or tight bodycon dress.”

The kimono has a long history throughout fashion, beginning as an opulent silk robe with wide sleeves worn by Japanese high society before being exported to the world in the 1800s.

Miramaya Heart Short Kimono, $490, mira-maya.com
Miramaya Heart Short Kimono, $490, mira-maya.com

"Some kimonos were literal works of art and could cost more than a family home; people would keep their kimono and pass them down through the family,” Lori says.

"A wave of enthusiasm for all things Japanese swept Europe and the US during the second half of the 19th century. This came to be known as Japonism and the relationship between Parisian fashion and the kimono developed in natural progression.

"Women fell in love with the beautiful and exotic clothing made in silk and started wearing the garments to relax in at home.

"Designers in Paris and London then started to use kimono influence for their own creations and today Miramaya follows the tradition of creative artistic expression.”

Shorter lengths are great for throwing over your shoulders during the day, and longer ones add sophistication to evening wear.

Miramaya Gracia Short Kimono, $480, mira-maya.com
Miramaya Gracia Short Kimono, $480, mira-maya.com

"For a cool, casual look, throw a short kimono over a pair of high-waisted jeans with a crop top and boots,” Lori says.

"For a night out, layer a long satin kimono over a bodycon dress or a sexy strapless top and pair with jeans and some heels.

"A snug top tucked into a pencil skirt and worn unbelted for a relaxed glamorous look is also chic.

"In the summer, kimonos work really well with shorts, a plain tank and a pair of sandals. High-waisted ripped jean shorts with a crop top and boots under a silk kimono is a must.

"Pair with skinny jeans or leggings to play with proportions and keep the bulk on top with the fit snug and slim on bottom.”