Legislation to make Arkan's RV plan for Jetty unlikely

THE effort of deputy mayor, John Arkan, to try to establish a further tourism revenue stream for the city is likely to be torpedoed by State land and property management legislation.

Cr Arkan was hoping to tap into the recreational vehicle (RV) economy by allowing motor homes to park on Council owned land, east of the railway at the Jetty, for a limit of 48 hours.

The deputy mayor hoped giving such travellers somewhere to camp in Coffs free of charge would see them stop over and boost the local economy rather than moving on to somewhere further up the Pacific Hwy to psend their money.

"It's about bringing a different strain of income into town," Cr Arkan said.

The idea is unlikely to get off the ground though as the policy of NSW's Land And Property Management Authority suggests Council would be required to develop the land in question seeing as it sits on Crown land.

Even if a cover charge isn't set, the fact the land has been approved for camping means the Crown land must follow the same rules as any other caravan or camping ground.

The comment in the agenda for Thursday night's council meeting from relevant Coffs Harbour City Council staff who investigated the possibility of establishing such a camping ground is: "The legislative requirements for setting up a caravan park or camping ground as per the regulation are numerous and the cost associated with establishing a caravan park or camping ground at the Jetty Foreshores would be considerable."

The costs involved would include utility services, fire hose reels as well as shower, toilet and laundry facilities.