TOP MENTOR: Dean Laurence is looking forward to the future.
TOP MENTOR: Dean Laurence is looking forward to the future.

Laurence diving into a new chapter after redundancy

THEY say when one door closes another one opens, it's just up to you to walk through it.

Or perhaps dive through it, in the case of Dean Laurence.

The much-loved and highly regarded swim coach was recently made redundant from his job of over 22 years.

Though Laurence hasn't let the redundancy hold him back, as he is now embarking on what he describes as an 'exciting' phase of his career.

The mentor is beginning his own contract coach swim squad business and is looking forward to reinvigorating himself.

"Initially it was like a loss of life, but now I'm through the mourning stage and I'm excited. People told me I've got the chance to turn this into a positive and that's what I'm doing," Laurence said.

"I think this will force me to think differently and revitalise the place."

Some of Laurence's new ideas include a freestyle fitness squad at lunch time for workers, mothers or anyone interested.

He is also introducing a freestyle squad for all ages on Monday nights and swim programs for all levels online.

The man who once watched over Australian representative Maddy Gough and Ironwoman star Courtney Hancock said the core of his business will still be the next generation of superfish.

"I just love coaching. Kids who I've coached have come back 15 years later to get me to coach their own kids... it's pretty special.

"We all work hard, respect each other and have fun."

Laurence said he's leaning towards his new business being called Coffs Coast Swimming Squads.