Ballot draw reaction

Last minute candidate will top the ballot paper

THE order of the ballot paper in the upcoming state election has been decided and a relative unknown has topped the list.

Names were placed into individual plastic vials and drawn by three NSW Electoral Commission officials at the Norm Jordan Pavilion at the Coffs Harbour Showground on Thursday morning.

Gregory Rennet from the Liberal Democrats won the number one polling position with Greens candidate Jonathan Cassell last in eighth spot.

Despite being listed last, Mr Cassell is still optimistic, saying it's a prominent spot on the ballot paper and he believes voters will be informed about the different candidates and what they have to offer as they head into vote.

The order of the ballot for the state seat of Coffs Harbour in the March 23 election

1 Gregory Renet, Liberal Democrats

2 Robyn Marchant - Animal Justice Party

3 Sally Townley, Independent

4 Gurmesh Singh, The Nationals

5 Ann Leonard, Independent

6 Tony Judge, Country Labor

7 Stuart Davidson, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party

8 Jonathan Cassell, The Greens

Early voting or pre-polling begins on Monday and ends the Friday before election day.


Candidates that attended the ballot draw for the seat of Coffs Harbour. Gurmesh Sing, Tony Judge, Jonathan Cassell, Sally Townley.. 07 MAR  2018
READY FOR IT: Candidates that attended the ballot draw for the seat of Coffs Harbour were Gurmesh Singh, Tony Judge, Jonathan Cassell and Sally Townley. TREVOR VEALE

The ballot draw for the state seat of Oxley is as follows:

1 Arthur Bain, The Greens

2 Susan Jenvey, Country Labor

3 Dean Saul, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party

4 Melinda Pavey, The Nationals

5 Deb Smyth, Sustainable Australia.

For more information on how to vote go to the NSW Electoral Commission website.