IT'S the lamb ad that's so good it's even got vegans feeling conflicted. 

The vast majority of viewers have met the ad with praise which must be a relief for Meat and Livestock Australia considering its last effort resulted in the second highest number of complaints of any ad in the past year. 

The meat lobby's last effort featured SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin and longtime lamb advocate Sam Kekovich and included a military officer torching a man's apartment - because he was a vegan. 

In response this time around the new ad has deliberately focused on celebrating the diversity of Australian culture. 

However, you can't please everyone and the industry has continued to cop some flak on social media - especially Twitter,

Of course not all those bleating about the advert were entirely serious but nonetheless there were a reasonable number of serious vegans and vegetarians still keen to make the point that eating meat is immoral in their eyes. 

However hitting back at the claims the meat lobby has today released the results of a recent survey which found the following:


  • 71% of Aussies agree that lamb is the perfect meat to bring people together
  • 70% of Aussies would cook lamb for family and friends or anyone, no matter who
  • they are
  • Almost all Aussies (98%) are proud of their heritage and history
  • 92% of Aussies are proud to live in a diverse, inclusive, accepting and multicultural
  • nation