Pomeranian puppies rug up for the first day of winter.
Pomeranian puppies rug up for the first day of winter. Rob Williams

Keeping your pets cosy as temperatures drop

NOW that the colder months are among us, it's important that we not only rug up and stay warm, but we also help our animals do the same.

In the South Burnett, it's not out of the ordinary to average far below 10°C, with climates sometimes too intense for early winter coats.

If you notice your pets are shivering, here are some things you can jump in and do to help them out.

1. Get them cover

Make sure to bring your cats or dogs inside as the temperature drops.

The RSPCA advises that if you don't want to stay outside in these weather conditions, then you shouldn't force your animals to.

Otherwise, if you have some outdoor shelter for them, make sure it is dry and out of the wind, in a contained area that can hold body heat.

2. Rug them up

Whether it's a full winter suit, sweater or blanket tied around their body, your animal will be grateful for the extra effort.

This is especially important for animals who cannot come in doors, either due to allergies or size, including horses and farm animals.

3. Good bedding

A thick bed can do just as good for an animal as a sweater can, especially if it's warm and wool-based.

If you have concrete floors that the pet would generally sleep on, you should definitely look into a good bed or rug, as concrete can get very cold.

4. Exercise

Going for walks in these times can be hard, but your dogs would love them, and a bit of blood movement can always help warm your pets up.

5. Caring for the elderly

If you have a mature aged pet, you'll know that their bones and joints can become quite stiff as the years pass by.

Like humans, these aching pains and stiffness can become more popular in the cooler months, and therefore it's important to bump up your arthritis care.

Be sure to contact your local vet on how to properly care for your animal's health conditions, and always free to ask about some substitutes that can help your budget.